Saturday, 21 April 2018


The past and futures of our favourite smuggling heroes converge in Daniel Jose Order's tie-in novel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, out now in the UK from Century.

Character promo images for the release in the US.

Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are reunited on the Millennium Falcon in a galaxy-spanning novel inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story. But even the fastest ship in the universe can’t outrun the past. . . .

The hardcover edition includes a reversible jacket, with one side featuring Han and the other featuring Lando!

It’s one of the galaxy’s most dangerous secrets: a mysterious transmitter with unknown power and a reward for its discovery that most could only dream of claiming. But those who fly the Millennium Falcon throughout its infamous history aren’t your average scoundrels. Not once, but twice, the crew of the Falcon tries to claim the elusive prize—first, Lando Calrissian and the droid L3-37 at the dawn of an ambitious career, and later, a young and hungry Han Solo with the help of his copilot, Chewbacca. But the device’s creator, the volatile criminal Fyzen Gor, isn’t interested in sharing. And Gor knows how to hold a grudge. . . .


It’s been ten years since the rebel hero Han Solo last encountered Fyzen Gor. After mounting a successful rebellion against the Empire and starting a family with an Alderaanian princess, Han hasn’t given much thought to the mad inventor. But when Lando turns up at Han’s doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s Fyzen’s assassins that he’s running from. And without Han’s help, Lando—and all life on Cloud City—will be annihilated.
With the assistance of a young hotshot pilot, an Ewok slicer prodigy, the woman who might be the love of Lando’s life, and Han’s best and furriest friend, the two most notorious scoundrels in the New Republic are working together once more. They’ll have to journey across the stars—and into the past—before Gor uses the device’s power to reshape the galaxy.

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Rey and Leia have the lion's share of attention these days when it comes to Star Wars female heroism, but let's not forget Padme Amidala of the Prequels- Senator, Queen, protector of Naboo and the Republic, and just as good with a blaster and blessed with a fiery spirit as her daughter will be.

Acclaimed artist Tsueno Sanda admirably captures the heroine's spirit and Natalie Portman's beauty across three innovative films in this great art.

Friday, 20 April 2018


Clearing snow and braving the worst weather conditions thrown at them, the Swedish built Snowcat Aktive vehicles used during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back would prove stalwartly efficient and persevering during March/April 1979. And, when not snowed over, their fronts would bear the brilliant Ralph McQuarrie 'Vader in Flames' logo. Very cool, indeed!

Ready for another challenging day on location.

Crew members escape the cold. Image: Prop Store.

Harrison Ford always drives to work!

Mark Hamill gets in some sun tanning quality time.

Visit the fan shrine to the original filming location in Finse, Norway, and a look at an ambitious celebratory event that was staged there:

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


New international cast poster.

Latest TV spot footage:

Character info:

On the press tour circuit. Ron Howard, the Kasdans and core cast. Image: Ron Howard/TWITTER

New UK EMPIRE magazine Solo special:

Lawrence Kadan and Jonathan Kasdan talk Solo:


Comes a wookiee! Joonas Suotamo is Chewbacca on a planet that could be Kessel.

Capably and brilliantly taking over the mantle of wookiee-dom from the now retired Peter Mayhew, Joonas Suotamo will be showing us all-new facets to the legendary pilot/technician Chewbacca when Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to cinemas in May, 2018. We'll witness the origin of Chewie's friendship with Han Solo in unexpected ways, linked to an adventure on the brutal spice mines of Kessel, and their teaming up effectively on a surely spectacular heist on the planet Vandor. Plus much more, as their unique kinsmanship builds towards events seen by the time of EPISODE IV.

On to new adventures with the new Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich).
Saying goodbye to an old life and family?

Joonas interview:

Watching the playback footage.

October 19th, 2017. Joonas celebrates the end of filming with co-star Woody Harrelson. Image: Joonas Suotamo/Instagram.

Even Wookiees like bow ties, as Solo gets its European premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


The Naboo's Theed City lake looks serene and peaceful as a Gungan sub containing Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and hapless Jar Jar Binks, rise to the surface, its party unaware that the planet is now fully in enemy hands. A lovely visual moment of models and matte work from EPISODE I.

Monday, 16 April 2018


In their primary conference room on the Death Star, Darth Vader and Governor Tarkin discuss the current situation linked to Princess Leia and the Rebel Base, in a scene from the original Star Wars.

Though equals in service to the Emperor, the former Expanded Universe history suggested that Vader was sent by his Master to act as a kind of watchdog on Tarkin in case he got too big for his boots in commanding the ultimate weapon. In the original film, however, you never get that feeling- Vader and Tarkin are comrades in evil, and Vader in some ways takes order from Tarkin. But, in a March 1976 pre-filming draft script for Star Wars released a few years back by Peter Mayhew (online via Twitter), they have one scene in the conference room where Tarkin briefly outlines his idea to Vader of eventually wrestling control of the Empire from the Emperor. Some of the dialogue from this Scene 97 eventually carried over into the revised final draft shooting script (notably the dialogue linked to the return of Obi-Wan), but some didn't...


Darth Vader paces the room as Governor Tarkin sits at the far end of the conference table.

TARKIN: This operation will secure my place on the Emperor's council. With the right maneuvering I could be Emperor. The rebel base will soon be destroyed. I've sent a scouting unit ahead, we should get confirmation soon. What's bothering you?

VADER: A tremor in the force. A slight thing, but it's almost like being in the presence of my old master.

TARKIN: The Jedi, Ben Kenobi? He must be dead by now?

VADER: Perhaps, it's just a feeling.

TARKIN: The Jedi movement is dead. You, my friend, are all that's left of their wizard ways.

Their is a quiet buzz on the comlink and Tarkin answers.

Intriguingly, the Brian Daley radio adaptation of the film has a scene where Admiral Motti plants the idea of further ambition for control in Tarkin's mind. Perhaps Daley had seen the earlier draft script and incorporated the idea, as he did so successfully in expanding other scenes and character moments for the eventual thirteen-part drama.

Sunday, 15 April 2018


The heroism and sacrifice of the noble Luke Skywalker. Art by Steve Anderson.

The Last Jedi was certainly a game-changer for fans of Luke Skywalker, as Rian Johnson pushed the character, and Mark Hamill, into a new direction and arc after the icon's prior heroism for the light side of the Force during the Classic Trilogy.

More international character poster variations for the return of Luke Skywalker.

Here's a selection of great imagery of the character and Mark Hamill in the film, behind the scenes and in posed costume/publicity imagery that I hope you enjoy. We hope that this isn't truly the end of the road for the entire saga's finest hero, and that he'll return somewhere to close the Skywalker story for EPISODE IX via writer/director J.J. Abrams input.

A publicity image of Mark in the run-up to EPISODE VIII filming. Image: STARWARS.COM.

Hamill with Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman on the film's Blu-ray release:

On location at Skellig Island for the official start of filming in 2016 with Ram Bergman, Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley.

Filming the lightsaber handover that has now become highly controversial.

Friends of the Force: Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley in a 2018 magazine shoot.

More on Luke's aftermath in VIII:

The Last Jedi wins big at the UK EMPIRE magazine awards ceremony in March 2018.

Another great merchandise art poster by Steve Anderson.

Friends not enemies: Hamill and Adam Driver on the worldwide publicity tour, in China - late 2017.

A truly emotional farewell on and off screen.

On VIII's final Luke/Leia scene:

The tragedy of Luke Skywalker's fallen apprentice.
And an uneasy return to the Millennium Falcon.

The original Lucas storyline plan for Luke in IX:

Clean background posed image of Hamill as Luke.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS with Ford, Kennedy, Lucas and Billy Lourde. Image: DISNEY.

On the upcoming Episode IX:

Luke returns back to the dominion of the Force.
On set as Rian Johnson secretly reveals EPISODE VIII's ultimate title.

A final lesson from Master Yoda.

A tireless supporter- Hamill greets the fans, with Kathleen Kennedy and friends.

The 'last' Jedi?

On future 'past' adventures for Luke Skywalker:

Hamill and his family talk:

A crowd pleasing 'return' for Luke during the Battle of Crait.
More than earning his Hollywood Star in 2018.


Set ten years before the events of A New Hope (judging from Chewie's age), Solo: A Star Wars Story looks set deliver another exciting visual fusion of things old and new to that point of the timeline.

Here's a look at some of the latest character publicity images/art released for the film, a lot of them coming via the new TOPPS Cards set.