Monday, 17 February 2014


"I found them. Repeat, I found them!" Christopher Malcolm as Zev in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

Playing the role of Rebel pilot Zev Senesca, Scottish actor Christopher Malcolm's presence in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was a memorable one, in both the scene where he finds the missing Luke and Han in the snowy wilderness of Hoth, then proving his courage in battle alongside the rest of Rogue Squadron against the immense threat of the Imperial Walkers. Two worthy sequences in an altogether terrific movie...

Christopher Malcolm RIP.

Much liked in the industry, with a vast range of film and TV credits under his belt including the likes of SUPERMAN II, appearing with Harrison Ford prior to ESB in FORCE TEN FROM NAVARONE, and HIGHLANDER, as well as a continuing role in the iconic hit comedy series ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, the sad news has come in of his passing at the all too young age of 67. The STAR WARS AFICIONADO team had the chance of meeting Christopher several times and he was always very pleasant and enthusiastic with us and the fans. You will be missed - thank you for your vital contribution to the fantasy climes of Rebellion against Empire, and to the entertainment world in general...


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